Condense Pre Workout VS Natural Pre Workout

Pre workout supplements are a great way to enhance your gym experience. When there are so many on the market, our review here will help you discover something unique about these two great products.

Condense by Purus Labs

This product is a revolution in the world of bodybuilding pre workouts and Purus have achieved the advantage over other supplement companies; they have achieved vasolidation by enhancing the endogenous production of nitric oxide, physiologically improving the long term benefits to users. It is designed to increase performance capability.

The taste is great and doesn’t give you that bloated feeling and felt great when doing cardio. You could go on forever doing crunches and treadmill with this product. The pumps were almost immediate. Condense is a nice clean experience with no jitters or sleepless nights.

High energy and focus are really apparent; dosage is stable long term. There is no nausea or crash; it tastes great and mixes well. The product has no creatine so leaves no sediment and is smooth to drink. Condense noticeably builds muscle fast, increases strength and does well on recovery.

We have not found many cons to this product only that it is a little high in price.
New users may experience a little stomach cramping and anxiety from the caffeine.


Condense is an all round great product, easy to digest and gets straight where you need it to go when looking for heightened energy without the intensity. Condense will activate quickly in your body so you can take it closer to your workout time.


Natural by Pure Pump

natural pre workoutOur bodies are sacred to us and we want to keep them in the best shape possible. Increasing our energy with supplements is all well and good but what about using a supplement in a purer form?

Natural by Pure Pump is the purest pre workout supplement on the market. It contains no artificial flavourings, colorings or sweeteners, in fact, there are no artificial ingredients or harmful chemicals at all. There is no proprietary blend to this product and the listed ingredients are as honest as the day is long.

If you are serious about your health and like to keep it clean, this product will deliver a pure but strong rush of energy while you are working out and beyond. There is also enough of a pump and tingle that you would expect from a pre sup and without the crash and burn after.

No worries about what you are putting in your body. It is GMO (genetically modified organism) free and certified as suitable for vegans. Natural has no flavour so it can be mixed with any juice or sports drinks.

Has an unpleasant taste if not mixed with a flavoured drink.
May not give as much of an energy boost as other less natural supplements.

Natural is definitely worth looking as it is so clean you may owe it to your body to try something pure. It meets the expectations of many other supplements that have artificial ingredients. It may not be as intense as other compounds but there is no come down or jitters.  Still, you can also try other supplements such as Assault, Ravage, C4, and Hyde.