Assault Pre Workout VS Ravage Pre Workout

Assault by Muscle Pharm

assault pre workoutChoosing a pre-workout supplement that works well for you is always an interesting task. Assault has all the ingredients of a super powered pre workout; It is a complex blend of nutrients.

You will find this one gives you plenty of strength energy and stamina. With plenty of beta alanine, carosyn and patented ion3 nitrate technology, it will build your muscle mass sufficiently.

If you have bought a new edition of the product; the scoop is smaller. The older 46g scoop edition will recommend taking only half a scoop, so if you take a whole scoop from the new edition, remember, you will be getting half for your money.

The product mixes well with water and tastes great; the Raspberry Lemonade
was a great favourite. Assault gives a good pump and sharp focus; energy was good, but the intensity was to the max.

With the patented “con-cret” creatine formula Assault will boost strength, muscle mass and definition without the bloated feeling you can get from other creatine products. L-Tyrosine, Taurine and caffeine; appear in just the right amounts, to give you enough energy for lifting.

Assault is expensive, so you need to watch how much you are using to give you enough performance. It also is very intense and can cause jitters.

The product provides a good all round boost to energy levels and lifting performance. You will be able to take advantage of the latest blending technologies if you use this product. It is used my many top athletes, bodybuilders and fighters so it could well be worth giving it a go.


Ravage by GNC

ravage pre workoutRavage is a pre workout supplement designed for super high energy and effective muscle building power. It has a cutting edge scientific blend of components that can speed up the muscle building process. The product has a creatine optimizer as the energy booster.

This great value product gives a really good pump that lasts throughout the workout. Once you get past tasting it, the energy levels are second to none; the boost is amazing. Felt very little muscle soreness afterwards and no heavy come down.

Muscle pump was fantastic and was able to work out far longer than usual.
The cost is a good price for the amount of energy you get out of it. Gives the tingling sensation that everybody loves from a nice intense work out.

The taste of ravage is not great, but this can be down to the individual.
Can cause a little upset stomach. It is medicine like in its flavour maybe because of the higher content of chemicals.


Although Ravage will give you a seriously good energetic gym session. This product uses proprietary blends, which could be off putting to many body builders. If you can get past the taste factor, there is every chance that you will benefit from Assault if you are experienced and serious about your muscle gain and you want to increase your energy and stamina.  Also be sure to check out other pre workout supplements like C4, Hyde, Natural and Condense.