C4 Pre Workout VS Hyde Pre Workout

What is C4 Pre workout supplement ?

c4 pre workout

C4 from Cellucore is proving to be one of the most popular pre workout drinks in the bodybuilding arena right now. Using a great balance of components, C4 is designed to give you prolonged energy and strength during your workout.

There are many pre workout supplements on the market as many of you know; this one has its own unique characteristics. C4 really has a great taste and is an enjoyable experience.

The product has been very popular among those who are looking for a less intensive buzz from a supplement. Sustained energy and endurance are apparent while it Provides good pumps and a nice tingling at the end and after the workout. Has plenty of beta allemine to help you past the pain barrier.

Although low on caffeine, C4 will give you all the boost you need along with a combination of components including creatine nitrate that makes this product easy to absorb. The smooth nature of C4 keeps anxiety levels low and has a pleasant cool down.

Being low on creatine means you may have to take extra creatine from another source.
It is quite heavy on food dyes and flavourings which could cause upset stomachs.
An extra scoop may be needed to boost the full effects.

As users of many pre-work out supplements, C4 has a great overall rating. It will prolong your cardio session and make you want to push yourself harder. It may be a little pricier than some other supplements, but it’s definitely worth a try.


Hyde- A powerful source of energy

hyde pre workoutNow we will have a look at Hyde. The formula that makes up this powerful supplement is said to be one of the most dynamic and effective on the market. Probably because of the high content of leucine.

This product boosts energy as well as burning fat all in one, it is best not used by beginners or those with an average usage of pre-supplements, due to the extra high amounts of caffeine.
Hyde will definitely give you extra strength, build muscle growth and be a great aid for recovery.

The watermelon flavour is probably the best as well as the strength of this product which will last a day after day in the gym, unlike some other products where your tolerance will increase over time.


We have no doubt this product has the strength and balance in its makeup to provide huge energy boost’s and great pumps over prolonged use. Has a great flavour and a feeling of real power during a workout.


The product can cause jitters due to strength and a heavy come down leaving you feeling tired. The information on the product doesn’t have dosage advice for lighter weight bodybuilders.


We have reached these conclusions after trying this product on several workouts over time. Hyde has been around for a while and in terms of potency, continues to be one of the most powerful products on the market.

I hope you have enjoyed our review of these two products, they are certainly very different, but have incredibly effective results for the user.  Be sure to consider other pre-workout supplements such as Assault, Ravage, Condense, and Natural.